Mobie Experiential Trucks !

Mobie Experiential Trucks !

Mobie Experiential Trucks ! Mobie Experiential Trucks ! Mobie Experiential Trucks !

About Us

Wide Variety of Experiential Vehicles/Pop-Up Retail Store Displays


  • We are the industry leader in providing experiential marketing vehicles,Pop-Up Display Showroom Containers to the elite brands and marketing agencies national. With our custom vehicles and our sales team, you will be able to execute your clients experiential marketing vehicle ideas seamlessly. Mobie Experiential Trucks sales team has the creative vision and experience to bring innovative experiential vehicle concepts to reality for your clients brands. Whether it's a single street team, custom domination or a national food or beverage tour, we make it happen.

  • With our experiential marketing vehicles,Pop- Up Display Showroom Containers we create experiences that bring brands to life, telling stories that move people and transforming what could otherwise be ordinary, into something amazing. Mediocrity is not in our playbook. We INNOVATE, We ELEVATE, We CAPTIVATE.

Wide Variety of Vehicle Options

These marketing buses come in a variety of lengths and are perfect for consumer mobile events,

  1. These marketing buses come in a variety of lengths and are perfect for consumer mobile events, educational outreach tours, awareness campaigns, and B2B training events. They can be upfitted with amenities like bars and kitchens which make for great consumer sampling environments.



  • Up to 43’ in length
  • HVAC climate control
  • Available with mobile entry and exit doors
  • Available with awnings
  • WiFi

Experiential Custom 3-D Glass Trucks


  1. Glass display trucks can be full wrapped for use as   mobile billboard, or have a custom interior installed for use as a custom showroom, at experiential events  Glass trucks are ideal solutions for many marketing campaigns with their ability to turn relatively simple build outs into eye catching vehicles.
  2. The quickness in which these mobile event vehicles can be deployed makes them better suited for quick turn-around campaigns. Glass display boxes need minimal vinyl to appear fully wrapped saving thousands in wrap cost for both short and long term projects.
  3. 12"18" 22" 25" foot glass display truck are available for experiential events local or national tours. multiple cities across the US. 



  • Mobie-Experiential Trucks  provides nationwide coverage,with the capability of executing campaigns in all major USA cities. Our fleet of experiential vehicles will always have you on the go, no distance is too far when driving one of our regularly maintained trucks, so call us today for your quote.

  • Whether it’s a food truck or trailer for a product sampling campaign, handing our free snacks or branded giveaways, Mobie-Experiential Trucks has you covered for all your experiential truck needs. Stick out from the crowd by giving us a call today to discuss your clients great ideas for your next campaign!​

Experiential Vehicle Marketing

What is Experiential Marketing?


Experiential marketing is a form of advertising that allows consumers to observe and experience your brand first hand. Mobile marketing trailers & vehicles are a form of experiential marketing that allows consumers to form a direct, memorable connection with your brand. Whether you’re searching for a glass truck display, a mobile lounge, a stage trailer or any other experiential vehicle, Mobie Experiential Trucks has got you covered.

Our team has extensive knowledge in the experiential vehicle/pop-up display mobile store marketing industry. And is here to help you find your experiential marketing solution. Our mobile glass truck showrooms, pop up stores, and hospitality trailers make it easy for you to grow your audience by participating in the tactile world of experiential marketing.

At Mobie Experiential Trucks, we provide used, per-screened marketing vehicles, marketing custom vans and pop-up display containers built by reputable fabricators to customers across the nation. Our marketing vehicles/pop-up display containers are available for either short term or long term leases and most are also available for sale. 

Mobie Custom Fabrication and Restoration


Project Development

Mobie Trucks has had experience with almost every viable platform, from Sprinter Vans to School Buses. Mobie can convert almost any vehicle into a custom fully functional vehicle.


Mobie Trucks employs a team of skilled fabricators, installers and electricians to bring these one of a kind experiential truck to life.



Mobie Trucks works with a dedicated team of designers and project managers to create unique and never before seen experiential truck concepts.


Vending Trucks

We offer a large selection of fully customizable Food Trucks, Media Trucks, and Ice Cream Trucks and glass trucks that can be tailored to fit your needs. 

Custom Trailers

Our trailers are available in sizes from twenty feet to fifty-five feet and can be delivered as a mobile kitchen or full service media trailer. 

GPS Tracking

Each of our truck rentals includes GPS Tracking and smartphone access for our clients. This allows you to monitor your campaign in real time. 

Full Service

We are a full service operation and can help you create and facilitate your idea as well as obtain necessary permits and equipment. 


Mobile Billboard Trucks


  • Grassroots Advertising Inc. offers a wide range of mobile billboard vehicles that allow you to showcase your brand wherever and whenever you want. Bring your message or product directly to your target audience, anywhere a road travels. 
  • You can easily track the movement of vehicles with your ads so you know the areas that have been reached. You can even use real-time data to instruct your driver as the traffic changes, or to stop in a particularly dense area so the ad can be noticed by potential buyers. 

Mobile Display Trucks ( that can be staged for interactions and demos).


  • Creative mobile billboards are what you would consider the next step in mobile outdoor advertising, as the approach stands out from the pack of stationary mobile displays competing for the attention of your audience. They are most valuable when deployed in high pedestrian and vehicle-traffic cities, where they can deliver tens of thousands of consumer impressions every day. 

Digital Billboard Trucks


  • With mobile vehicle advertising, you can reach your market and even target your competitors. You can specifically market to your audience segment at precise locations or events, meaning if you have a sports clothing company, your mobile advertisement can ride outside of professional arenas before or after the game while people are entering and exiting, ensuring your brand is being seen by thousands of potential customers, and for a fraction of the cost that billboards or other methods of advertising would require. 

Food Trucks.

experiential  truck rental services

  • As a marketer, mobile billboard vehicles allow you to strategically target your campaign to a specific date or time. Backlit mobile displays allow your message to be seen at any time of day. 

Covering hard to reach areas

  • Mobile billboard vehicles are a unique medium that can be used to reach audiences where conventional outdoor advertising has been zoned out. You can effectively place your campaign or brand among your audience where many other media cannot reach.

Create localized mini-events

  • The dynamic nature of mobile displays with the ability to play produced video/audio makes them ideal for setting the stage at live events. With staged events, you can enhance your display by hiring a street team to interact with the audience and serve as a promotional team for your brand or company. 

Experiential Vehicles create epic brand experiences



We create brand, immersion that promotes action through face to face experiences that are memorable and shareable. 



Our sales team's creative thinking is drawn from years of vehicle rental, imagination and a deep understanding of consumer behavior at the street level.

brand connection


Through a deeper take on experiential vehicle rental, Our vehicles create a brand experiences and a broader platform to drive and inspire limitless sharing. 


"Cassandra, Havas Media"

  • I love working with Mobie-Experiential Trucks not only for their innovation and creatively but because I know they care just as much about my campaigns as I do.  From the initial planning through to execution, Mobie-Experiential Trucks always deliver exceptional service, making the whole campaign flow seamlessly. 

"Linda, Dentsu Media"

  • For the last several years, spanning numerous clients, my experiences working with Mobie-Experiential Trucks have been nothing but positive.  They have consistently delivered on what was asked and have brought new ideas to the table where appropriate.  They are able to innovate within their mediums and bring campaigns to life in a way that other formats cannot. 

"Maria, Coca Cola"

  • Mobie-Experiential Trucks, is always an integral part of our marketing campaign. We always achieve maximum awareness with minimum spend. A great way to reach audiences not only in New York but across the States! 

"Steve, Google Inc. Marketing Events"

  • Working with Mobie-Experiential Trucks is simply easy. From initial contact leading up to our event to having artwork printed it’s always seamless. I love driving around the city and seeing our posters up everywhere! 

"Charline, Elite Media Group"

  • Mobie-Experiential Trucks is an amazing dedicated and passionate team to work with, they always try to develop innovative and disruptive solutions for our outdoor campaigns. They also have a real sense of flexibility which enables to adapt client’s needs more specifically and ensure qualitative executions. 

"Andy, Creative Media"

  • Mobie-Experiential Trucks doesn’t work for us, they work with us. The flexibility and support we receive on behalf of the marketing team and varies truck presentations is something we’re always grateful for. 



Mobi Experiential Trucks is a team comprised of dedicated food truck owners, and food truck industry professionals, food truck guys pretty passionate about the food truck world. We live, breathe and (definitely) eat, live on food trucks. 


Who covers insurance?

If the rental is a month to month rental then the renter is responsible for their own insurance. If the rental is for a marketing promotion then the insurance is included with the truck rental.  Contact us for a list of insurance requirements. 

Do you rent out of state or national?

Yes, we offer rental programs nationwide. Please call 714.274.6492 for more information.


Due the trucks have permits?

All Mobie Experiential Trucks have health permits ,renter is responsible for obtaining their own Business Licenses. 


Will the driver stay with truck and work events?

Yes, of course! Once the truck is in position and ready, he/she is all yours!

Who covers insurance?

Mobi Experiential Trucks carries insurance for the truck and driver only during the rental period. Commercial General Liability, Automobile Liability and Workers Comp.

What if tour requires more than one person. Can you provide additional staff?

We can provide staffing in Los Angeles, New York,Texas,Chicago and Atlanta. 


We cook amazing food! Can you help me get my amazing food out onto the streets?

We cannot start a business for you, but we can consult you on how to start a food truck business, we can definitely help out picking the right truck for you with the appropriate equipment, help streamline your food truck menu, give you some street vending secrets, help with city permits, etc.

I am running a food truck street marketing campaign and I don't know where to park the truck? CAN YOU HELP!

We would be happy to help give you suggested free parking spots in the market you are ruining your food truck tour and even help contact local business in market areas.



I'd like to hire your food truck to cater my event.

We do have a few trucks in the California,New York,Texas,Chicago,Atlanta available for catering. Please send your event information to:

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